We're almost done and only waiting on our beautiful art feature radiators to come in from Europe. Currently on display we have...... (drum roll please)......

  • A single sided Sophel wood fired boiler with a DOUBLE ACTION DOOR. This particular wood fired boiler is as versatile as it gets. As an internal built-in unit it can act as a regular fireplace with a large glass door, or it can be operated as a romantic open fireplace (whilst servicing the radiator or in-floor heating system).
  • A Belvedere wood fired boiler. This freestanding unit is exceptionally popular due to it's high heat load output for larger homes, as well as the large firebox that can fit a log 600mm long!
  • A high efficiency CONDENSING gas fired boiler. This product is so special it's offered to all of our clients installing gas systems.
  • Radiators galore. We have a selection of different sizes of the standard radiator range, vertical radiators, flat panels and also a few alternative styles.

We have a few other bits and pieces on display and would encourage anyone considering hydronics to come and see exactly what it's all about.