Hydronic Heating Upgrade Works - Set to Pay Itself Off in Three Years

One of our Mt Hotham clients, of whom we upgraded their hydronic heating system, has recently provided figures of how their upgraded system is saving money and working more efficiently which are summarised below:

2013 Season (old system)                                            2014 Season (upgraded system)

9542 cubic meters of gas used                                    2193 cubic meters of gas used

Gas bill $30,820                                                             Gas bill $22,651

 A few facts that these figures don’t represent are, that the 2014 winter was colder than the 2013 winter and the cost of gas increased from 2013 to 2014. That being so, it may appear that this client saved $8,169 in gas usage during the 2014 ski season, however there are a couple of variables in the equation that would have seen even stronger results.

 The system was uniquely designed by Kalvin utilising the most innovative techniques and products available on the market.