Why Hicks Hydronics? Just ask our clients!

We have been absolutely delighted with the latest results received from the survey that gets sent out to our clients on completion of their job.

Whilst we regularly enjoy seeing positive ratings come through, on this occasion one of our wonderful clients has taken a bit of extra time to comment and explain the reasoning why our performance on each aspect of their project was rated so highly.

When selecting any type of professional to undertake important work for you, there are a number of questions you should always ask yourself about what's important to you and what makes a professional the ideal choice for you. We hope our recent survey results will help you to develop an idea of what's important to you when selecting a heating and cooling specialist. Click here to see how we can perform for you.

2015 Telstra Business Awards Finalist

Hicks Hydronics has been named a finalist for the 2015 Telstra Business Awards in the regional Victoria category. To reach this point we have gone through a competitive process. A very thorough analysis has been conducted assessing the business’ planning and operations, financial performance, sales and marketing strategies, the team and client interactions. Following this process we were interviewed by one of the judges and now here we are, finalists - WOOHOO!

This is a very exciting achievement for our business to be recognised as a strong performing business at a State level and we are very greatful for the support shown by our team, colleagues and clients.

The ‘Telstra Business Awards’ winners will be announced at gala dinner in Melbourne on July the 14th. 

Now Conducting Client Satisfaction Surveys

To help us better serve our quickly expanding client base we have now started sending out an electronic survey to clients who we have recently completed jobs for. Our first surveys have been sent out this morning and much to our delight we have already received a response back. And whoa, what a response!

Please click here to see the unedited results and comments made by one of our Wangaratta clients. These clients have just had radiators installed into a beautiful new home, using a high efficiency gas condensing boiler and have also had a solar hot water system connected to the heating system. Brilliant system for brilliant clients. Thanks Mr & Mrs Webb, Kalvin will be seeing you very soon to give you the full run down on your new system.


We are very excited to share that hydronic heating is being recognised within a new rebate scheme run by Australian Gas Networks. Owners of existing homes looking to install one of our superior gas heating systems after April 7 may be eligible to receive a rebate of up to $750. That would buy so many Easter eggs, or a gym membership to work off the Easter eggs!

What's even more exciting is that we will be a registered installer participating in the scheme so look no further than us if you want more information. Please keep in mind only participating businesses (such as us) will be eligible to claim the rebate on behalf of consumers. 

Like all good things, it will come to an end. When that is, no one knows. The scheme has been designed to allow for a limited number of rebates to be handed out rather than setting an end date. So anyone keen had better make like a bunny and hop to it!

PS - Happy Easter!


Reference Letter Too Good To Not Share

A huge thank you to Rob Rowland from Freedom of Design for his kind words. We have worked closely with Rob for a little while now to assist with energy efficient heating and hot water solutions for his clients and always enjoy the process with these guys.

Click here to see what Rob had to say about us.


We're almost done and only waiting on our beautiful art feature radiators to come in from Europe. Currently on display we have...... (drum roll please)......

  • A single sided Sophel wood fired boiler with a DOUBLE ACTION DOOR. This particular wood fired boiler is as versatile as it gets. As an internal built-in unit it can act as a regular fireplace with a large glass door, or it can be operated as a romantic open fireplace (whilst servicing the radiator or in-floor heating system).
  • A Belvedere wood fired boiler. This freestanding unit is exceptionally popular due to it's high heat load output for larger homes, as well as the large firebox that can fit a log 600mm long!
  • A high efficiency CONDENSING gas fired boiler. This product is so special it's offered to all of our clients installing gas systems.
  • Radiators galore. We have a selection of different sizes of the standard radiator range, vertical radiators, flat panels and also a few alternative styles.

We have a few other bits and pieces on display and would encourage anyone considering hydronics to come and see exactly what it's all about.

Hydronic Heating Upgrade Works - Set to Pay Itself Off in Three Years

One of our Mt Hotham clients, of whom we upgraded their hydronic heating system, has recently provided figures of how their upgraded system is saving money and working more efficiently which are summarised below:

2013 Season (old system)                                            2014 Season (upgraded system)

9542 cubic meters of gas used                                    2193 cubic meters of gas used

Gas bill $30,820                                                             Gas bill $22,651

 A few facts that these figures don’t represent are, that the 2014 winter was colder than the 2013 winter and the cost of gas increased from 2013 to 2014. That being so, it may appear that this client saved $8,169 in gas usage during the 2014 ski season, however there are a couple of variables in the equation that would have seen even stronger results.

 The system was uniquely designed by Kalvin utilising the most innovative techniques and products available on the market. 

We Are Moving!

All of the same great services and advice being provided at 5B, 1A Moorefield Park Drive, Wodonga.

Our new premises is a working progress but it's going to be sensational - stay tuned!