Kalvin, Felicity & The Team

Kalvin Hicks and Felicity Hicks

Kalvin Hicks - Director

Kalvin has specialized in hydronics heating since 2003. All of his career has been spent installing and servicing hydronic heating systems in some of the coldest climates, such as the snow fields and Canberra. Kalvin's qualifications permit him to undertake all hydronic heating work in Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Felicity Hicks - General Manager

As well as overseeing the general administration of the business, Felicity enjoys welcoming to the beautiful show room to assist providing heating, cooling and hot water solutions.

The Team

The entire team is made up of two areas. Firstly our trade staff, being a project manager, qualified plumbers and apprentice plumbers. Secondly there's the administrative side of the business consisting of a general manager, administration trainee and bookkeeper.

Most importantly though is what makes the team truly incredible and unique. We've been very fortunate to secure a bunch of people who are all highly motivated, very caring, fun loving and exceptionally good at what they do! 

With the quality traits each individual brings, coupled with a great business, needless to say we have an outstanding culture.

Do you want to be a part of an amazing team?

Our team enjoys the benefits of:-

  • Using up to date technologies and methods
  • Training, support and ongoing open communication
  • Structured career progression framework
  • Interesting and diverse jobs to make every day zoom by
  • encouragement to contribute ideas and take an active role to collaborate and enjoy in the successes of their own personal achievements as well as the achievements of the business

Email your resume to admin@hickshydronics.com if you think you've got what it takes to be a great contributor.