We offer a range of services for all types of hydronic heating systems for both domestic and commercial applications. We can offer you a full service package, or look after the services needed on an individual basis. We can provide fixed pricing so you know everything is being looked after without any surprises on completion. 

You can download our residential services brochure by clicking here.


It all starts here.  Critical to the success of your heating system's efficiency and effectiveness is a strong design to start with. A consultation is held with the client at the start of the process to ascertain exactly what the client wants and needs out of their heating system. These requirements lay the foundations of the design. We will make specific recommendations on products and installation techniques based around the individual client's requirements.

A very important piece of advice we can offer is, ALWAYS have a system designed by an experienced and suitably qualified professional before you go to a supplier. Too often have we seen corners being cut whereby the design phase was skipped, resulting in systems being purchased that are undersized or not suitable for the intended application.


We have access to a huge range of products for hydronic, geothermal, solar hot water systems and more. If a client knows what they want we can provide it. We can track down just about anything at a realistic price thanks to the contacts we have established. 


When installing a new system, we provide a liaisons service to work with you, the builder and other trades to make sure all of the hydronic heating infrastructure is located in the correct places and connected to the other facilities, such as electrical and water supply.


Once a new system has been installed it should always be commissioned. It's at this time that the final product is gone over with a fine tooth comb to ensure all connections are properly fitted, the system is working properly and safely and any setting adjustments are made to suit the client. It's also at this time that the system is handed over with a full demonstration and lesson on how to use it.

Repairs & Maintenance

We design maintenance plans based on each individual system. When designing a maintenance plan we consider the age, condition, usage requirements and location of the individual system. For more information please click here to see our Repairs & Maintenance page.