Heat Sources

Hydronic heat sources give you flexibility to use them to a level that suits your lifestyle. Where other heating methods simply have an on and an off switch, hydronic heat sources are so versatile.

All of our heat sources can be used in conjunction with one another. Click here for information on the great benefits that can be enjoyed by combining heat sources.

Natural Gas & LPG Boilers


A gas boiler heats the water instantly, then the hot water flows through to the various heat distributors. The beauty of instant hot water means the heat reaches the heat distributors in moments and gives you comfortable warmth quickly.

Gas boilers are easily conrolled with the use of a thermostat which is installed inside the home. The thermostats we use a very user friendly and can be programmed with a weekly schedule to suit your living arrangements. They also have other great features that allow flexible setting adjustments without the need for the entire weekly program to be re-set.

We can also install a gas boiler that services both your hydronic heating system as well as your domestic hot water.

When you ask for a quote for a system that incorporates a gas boiler you will also be provided with the option of upgrading your boiler to a higher efficiency 'condensing boiler'. Both boiler options are condensing units however the upgraded model has greater efficiency as well as greater power for heat output.

Gas boilers are also beneficial when used as a 'back up' system for solar hot water when the sun isn't shining, and for wood fired boilers when you've forgotten to stock up your fire wood supply (or can't be bothered chopping wood).

Wood Fired Boilers


Water is heated by flowing through a ‘water jacket’ that surrounds the firebox within the unit. Once the water is heated it’s circulated through to the heat distributors.

Wood heating provides the direct warmth and beauty from the fireplace while the rest of the house is also warmed from the heat distributors. Either an internal or external wood fired boiler can be used as a heat source, depending on your home's energy requirements and personal preference.

Our wood fired boilers have been sourced from a local manufacturer in the Albury Wodonga region which means we can arrange for your wood fired boiler to be custom made to suit your aesthetic requirements.



Solar Boosted

You can watch your home's running costs fall when we install solar hot water to service your domestic hot water in conjunction with the heating system.

You are unlikely to have any running costs during the long sunny summer days. During winter the solar still works efficiently and is supported by a boiler to ensure you always have the warmth you need.



heat pumps

We offer two types of heat pumps, one is an "air source heat pump", and the other is a "geothermal heat pump". They work with the same principles in mind, ie they extract a little bit of heat from either the air (air source) or earth (geothermal) and turn that little bit of heat into a lot of heat, which then warms the water which is circulated through the heating system.

Heat pumps are the biggest up and coming product on the hydronics scene. In their own right they're extremely efficient, yet paired with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, the energy savings is causing a massive buzz in the industry. We're thrilled to now be offering package deals with heat pumps and solar PV systems, in partnership with our trusted off grid solar specialist. 

Click here to learn more about the heat pumps.

Click here to learn more about the solar PV packages we're offering.