Heat Distributors

We stock a range of heat distributors to suit every application, taste & decor style - from basic in floor heating to those extra creature comforts such as heated towel racks.


In-Floor Heating

In-Floor heating uses the simple principle of heat rising to warm you home more efficiently than other forms of heating that try to push hot air downwards. There is no air movement and noise of fans, just comfortable heat.

Look forward to sitting around the coffee table in the family room playing board games on a rainy day, lying down next to baby encouraging crawling, or just having warm feet!

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Radiator Heating

Radiator heating is the perfect solution for an existing home needing a heating makeover.

It's also perfect for home owners looking for added control over the temperature in different rooms. Have high traffic living areas toasty while bedrooms with little use during the day and the need for cooler temperatures while sleeping are kept at a lower temperature.

Radiators are a great solution to reduce energy consumption and running costs to any new or existing home.

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Trench Heating

Trench convectors are suitable for all types of properties, but are extremely useful for rooms with large expanses of floor to ceiling glass or large bi-fold external doors. They maintain a room’s aesthetics whilst providing an efficient optimal heating output.

By design a trench convector is a discreet method of providing heat to a room, a steel housing unit is installed into the sub-floor with an internal copper finned tube heating element fitted inside, which is connected to the hydronic heating circuit. The entire unit is then covered by an elegant floor grille.

All trench convectors are custom made to fit any length of application & are available in a variety of materials including timber & steel, plus various finishes & colours.

If there are any other types of heat distributors you would like more information on please contact us. We're always looking into new innovative and energy efficient heating techniques.